Sunday, April 26, 2009

birthday festivities

I had a really good birthday. There was a few things that it was not but those I was able to get over.

My 8 year old son Cor had discovered yesterday morning that my birthday had arrived and he didn't have a present for me. Actually, all the kids came to this conclusion at once. Em was bothered by it for a while but eventually gave up because being five rendered her powerless to do anything about it. Cor tried to convince me at the grocery store to buy a gift card that he would give to me then he would pay me back when we got home. I told him I wouldn't do that. Later I got in the shower. About the middle of my shower I saw one of the kids run in and out of my bathroom. A few minutes later Cor came running through again. I looked out and Cor had place $1, a note and some rhododendron flowers on the toilet lid for me to find when I got out of the shower. I thought it was so sweet and that he wanted it to be a surprise and that he knew I would like the flowers.

Early in the morning my neighbor brought me a homemade cake with Sprinkles. Her husband has the same birthday as me so I thought that was really sweet.

My Dad called and sent me a text but both times I didn't have time to answer. He said he had arranged for the delivery of a gift from one of my siblings but has yet to appear. So I get to look forward to that on another day???

My SIL Brittany brought me Chicken Pot pie because I told her I wanted it for my birthday. I never make that because no one else in my family would eat it. I had some for lunch and it was fabulous. Oh and she got me a Hoops and Yoyo talking card and it's so CUTE. I heart Hoops and Yoyo.

My friend Becca brought me Pineapple cookies and they were so good. I ate most of them.

My brother Calvin, who works nights in a sleep lab, called me in the morning right when he got off work. He felt bad that I would minus a husband all day so later he brought me a chocolate cake and a talking The Office card and a gift card. And the cake had number candles on it--34!!!! I love number candles.

Oh, on Friday night I got to go out to dinner with some friends and my sister, Jenna. She brought me a gift card for Mary Kay and a talking birthday card. About a week ago I got a card from my oldest sister Staci for Victoria's secret. Yesterday I got a card from Scott's Aunt Jolae, she remembers everyone's birthday and she is my inspiration. I got a card from my in-laws with some cash. I put it in my can where I have been saving my sewing money.

I am very excited about all the money I get to spend on ME! La la la.

Past tense, last Sunday we had dinner with Deena's family and that was really fun and I considered it a pre-birthday dinner. Deena can cook and it was so nice to hang out with her great family and chat.

Saturday night after I got back from a dinner and church meeting with Elder Russell M. Nelson and Elder Michael Ringwood I had another gift from Anth waiting for me. She gave me a knife which I love and have already used it. It makes sense if you know how much we talk about food. A lot.

My niece Madeline babysat for me while I was at the dinner and church meeting and she didn't let me pay her. Super sweet girl and a great babysitter.

I am also excited because one of my favorite cousin's wife had a baby girl this month and they named her with a K and she was born in April so she is awesome. Because you know K names rock!

I've hardly seen Designated Hitter for more than an hour this whole week. That's definitely a thumbs down but it's been that way for months and probably will be for a couple more months so I can't start getting bummed about it now. DH has been feeling super guilty about not being around this weekend but I keep telling him that he has misplaced guilt. We'll see if he ever figures out or is brave enough to ask me what is really bothering me.

Talking birthday cards, lots of dessert and a husband who may have misplaced guilt but he is totally devoted to the Lord, to me and our family. Overall it was a very good birthday.

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David and Kimber Strasser said...

Happy late birthday!!! That sounds so sweet what your son did.