Saturday, December 20, 2008



DH and Ballerina

Well it's not really but that's what we are calling it because it's the most snow we've gotten in a really really long time. The snow started last Sunday and it made our 2 week winter break into a 3 week winter wonderland. DH had so much fun this week playing in the snow and I had fun watching them from the window. I know I'm not the fun Mom I should be but I did make sure we had hot chocolate and hot cider supplies on hand. DH is a school teacher so that meant an extra week off of work for him too. Will we survive 3 weeks together? Well we barely survived the first week. DH and I make a good team but we have two completely different leadership styles. Both good just very different. So who is in charge when we are both home? The kids think it's me but I'm not really sure. That remains to be discovered and we may never know the answer.

I did try to have a togetherness/bonding family activity. It was called we'll all clean the house "together." The kids were suspisicious and DH hated the idea entirely. But I made them do it. I think sometimes it's good to learn to work together even if the job doesn't get done fast or right. DH is the get it done fast person and I am the get it done right person. I don't know if our togetherness time was emotionally productive for anyone but sometimes you just have to try things out.

DH tried building a giant snowman that didn't turn out looking anything like a snowman. He did build a snowman family at my request. They built several forts or barriers for snow ball fights but today he built a two room fort with a roof. The snowman family became part of the 2nd room. They have made the most out of the snow. I haven't gotten pictures yet because I had to charge the battery to the camera and sad to say I am still not confident on how to transfer the pictures from the camera to the laptop. It's pathetic. I will be forced to figure it out one of these days.

Last weekend I sent DH to Costco to pick up a few essentials such as pop-tarts. He called me from the store and asked if he could buy a robe. His old one is the one I made him the Christmas we got married so that would make it about 12 years old. It's really getting gross looking, enough that he has noticed. That means it's pretty bad. He got a nice polar fleece robe and has been wearing it almost everyday. We call it his smoking jacket. He looks very relaxed when he wears it. It's kind of funny to me. He has started to put a little more thought into his appearance and overall comfort of his clothes. I think I am starting to rub off on him. Yes!

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